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‘SAMSEN’ our constructional project wing, has visionary architects those are seeking honest responses from the families with kids that account for a shrinking percentage of todays population and are devising a final vocabulary of designs, based on literal, visual and functional and are equally agile to introspect the needs and aspirations of eager-to-buy families rather than dwelling only on the vague concept of other money spinning concepts.

Pictures of ongoing projects:

Hazra (1 Lac / Sqr ft)

Hazra (Total Project 1 Lac Sqr ft)

Hazra (1 Lac / Sqr ft)

Jodhpur park (Total Project 15,000 Sqr ft)

Few pictures of past projects:

Chetna-Housing Salt-lake-KB-22-block Amenia-Building bishnupur

Future and proposed projects in the Pipeline:

  • 3. Lovelock Place (Total Project 1.5 Lac Sqr ft)
  • 4. Sunny Park (Total Project 80,000 Sqr ft)
  • 5. Lansdown (Total Project 25,000 Sqr ft)
  • 6. Lake Place (Total Project 22,000  Sqr ft)