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Incoda TV HD

Incoda TV has been launched their Full HD Transmission
With over 25 years running experience of Incoda TV HD channel in the Kolkata Metro Railway premises, we have mastered the art of creating programs and shows, including infotainment that can attract commuters’ attention.The form of art is vast and varied; creativity is even more a wider spectrum and it is only a matter of perception that combines them to make a miracle. Incoda TV HD has been carrying on the never ending task of entertaining the commuters by means of improvising the Program contents in terms of entertainment and information amalgamating the same with the offerings from the Corporate Giants.The company’s R&D team shaped the close circuit digital television network at the platforms of metro railway. Today when the network is used as the corporate giants’ launch pads and mass communication it overwhelms us with joy and satisfaction.

Why is advertising in our TV channel most effective?
  • 1.  Incoda TV HD caters to over 1.83 crores unique commuters of metro railway every month
  • 2.  Incoda TV HD channel transmits in all 24 metro railway stations in Kolkata
  • 3.  Incoda TV HD has no substitute to distract the commuters’ attention
  • 4.  Incoda TV HD offers most interesting programs that attracts thousands of eyeballs in any given time
  • 5.  Incoda TV HD now offers full HD quality – first ever of its kind in the Eastern India

Each day when the waiting commuters are found glued to our TV screens; waiting for their trains, we get reminded nostalgically of the days of hard work and planning and designing the infrastructure. Today the name INCODA TV HD has become synonymous with Metro Service.