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Our Profile

The name INCODA is more than just a name. The name was actually derived from a set of strongest and most impactful words in the dictionary that have always motivated us.

“IN” – Innovation, Initiatives and Non-conventional
“CO” – Creative, Concepts and Construction
“D” – Design, Decoration, Development and Digital Marketing
“A” – Advertisement and Artefacts

THE INCODA is one of the most reputed media houses in India catering to the diverse fields of interest in the arena of media and advertisement solutions. We aim at primarily serving consumers with best range of infotainment and simultaneously serving the advertisers (business houses) to reach out to their target group with their business messages within strong local markets throughout Kolkata and rest of Bengal, and other parts of India.

We have been helping brands to connect with their specific group of consumers in a wildly competitive environment by the dint of delivering the finest quality of media solutions to advertisers that face the industry’s hardest challenges – widest reach and optimum ROI.

To name some of our verticals the worth mentioning are:

1. Incoda Traffic Booth Media (ITBM) : We own unique outdoor media properties (manual and police assistance booths, carrying overhead backlit advertisement kiosks) all over the country.

2.  Incoda TV HD (ITV HD): Over 20 years running experience of Incoda TV – the TV channel in Kolkata Metro Railway premises. We have launched Incoda TV HD on August 1, 2013
3. Metro Train Branding : Metro railway train offers some stunning opportunities both at interior and exterior of the trains which has extremely high OTS and is an idea and most effective reminder medium. It’s the fastest, comfortable and economical mode of public transportation system which is hugely popular with the masses ‘n’ classes for their Daily commuting.
4. IDM Incoda Dangler Media : A push Delivery Media – At Its Best
It will stand out from competitive ads. Because of the unique clutter free positioning. It will automatically generate a sense of curiosity and alertness.