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We think Different in INCODA Style

Incoda is one of the most successful media advertising companies and offers the best outdoor advertising. We, being a media solution company, have always loved to experiment with the art and science of advertisement and brand building. Our passion for what we do doesn’t allow us to stop working for you and formulate our strategic movement to get your own box where you can find your target group to whom you can shout out your business messages. With an immense experience in ad solutions, Incoda has pioneered the return on investment in the media with contemporary technologies. At Incoda, we have redefined the working relationship with diversity in thoughts and uniqueness in the way we offer solutions.

Incoda TV HD

the first optical fiber digital transmission network

Incoda TV HD is the owner of first ever optical fiber digital transmission network services in the country’s first underground mass transit system. We are in the process of constant development and now soon to be the first HD channel in the Eastern India. ITV is one of the major mass media and infotainment broadcast services..

Incoda Traffic Booth Media

unique media properties

We are the proud owners of over 1200 unique traffic booth media properties throughout the country, among which over 750 unique media properties are in Kolkata and Rest of Bengal and a few hundreds more in the major cities across the country. Our manual as well as assistance booths are unique in style and insofar safety is concerned..

Metro Train Branding


Metro Railway is the lifeline of the city of Kolkata connecting the Extreme south with the extreme north . It’s the fastest, comfortable and economical mode of public transport System which is hugely popular with the masses ‘n’ classes for their Daily commuting. Metro Railway offer stunning opportunities both at interior and exterior of the trains which has extremely high OTS and is an ideal and most effective reminder medium.


Incoda Dangler Media

Incoda Dangler Media in all the 13 AC Metro Rakes. An unique Clutter free – Cutting Edge Media

Un Cluttered Positioning : A Push Delivering Media – At the Best it will stand out from competitive ads..


Adding to the bounty of outdoor media offerings is THE INCODA TRAFFIC SIGNAL MEDIA which is yet another “No miss media” because of their clustered positioning. The signal poles carrying your brand are not only strategically placed on the important traffic intersections and junctions but the blinker poles carrying your brand are also placed a bit ahead of the main traffic intersection to catch maximum eyeball.


‘SAMSEN’ our constructional project wing, has visionary architects those are seeking honest responses from the families with kids that account for a shrinking percentage of todays population and are devising a final vocabulary of designs, based on literal, visual and functional and are equally agile to introspect the needs and aspirations of eager-to-buy families rather than dwelling only on the vague concept of other money spinning concepts.


For the last three decades Incoda TV HD has been an inevitable choice to Various Movie Production Houses for promotion of different Bengali Feature Films.

We being long associated with movies; our zeal took us to achieve something new going out of our usual ongoing trade i.e. Movie Production. We started our movie production journey with the production of “Hotath Ekdin” and “Chol Kuntal” and the never ending.


Sticks and stones, marbles and peacock feathers, a smooth grey river rock – what we take to heart is what speaks to us uniquely. As creators, we are like beachcombers, walking the tide line, pocketting the oddments washed ashore – some small stray thing will tell us a story to tell the world. That is what “DUTTA’S” is all about.”CREATIONS BEYOND”.

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