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Incoda Movies has contributed to the Bengali Film industry by offering some remarkable Hits which include Hothat Ekdin & Chol Kuntal to name a few. A brief about the movies:
Hothat Ekdin” is a film based on the series of events that happened on a single day due to some baseless doubts that cropped up in the minds of a married couple. Saheb, a photographer by profession live in a big flat inside a housing complex with his wife Urmi. Urmi is the prey of a social disease, i.e. suspicion. She always doubts Saheb about his illegal relationship with other girls which are not at all true. In the beginning of the film Urmi picks a quarrel with Saheb and goes to her mother’s place. In this instant, Nibedita comes to Saheb’s house and introduces herself as an acting affectionate who wants Saheb’s support to make a professional portfolio.
This hilarious comedy story has been penned by Joydeep Mukherjee
Chol Kuntal, a soul touching practical story which is definitely worth watching. This story reflects the current devalued sentiments of the society. Parents put their entire life at stake for the successful upbringing of their children and at times get humiliation and hatred in return. One can relatethe storyline to many recent incidents. A must watch, eye opener which is sure to bring back the morals one has lost not to forget that what we are today are because of our parents sacrifice. Another facet of life is that none is a born criminal, but it is the circumstance that compels him to be so. A little love, a positive gesture can really transform them and bring them back to the societal mainstream. Thus, these two hours is sure to leave an indelible imprintation on your heart. There is a continuous twist in the entire movie. It’s truly a movie with a different flavor.
Cast includes Soumitra Chatterjee who is the main protagonist and has acted absolutely befitting the character Kuntal, ably supported by others. A truly commendable film by Raaj Mukherjee.
Produced by Incoda Movies AND Artage Films.
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2. Happy Birthday.
3. Ego.