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Our Background

Background While talking about background of the company we need to span back to several decades ago when we had been wrestling hard to make a mark in the creative industry with the name Pot Pourrie Creations. We started our journey with Pot Pourrie Creations as creative designers and creators of artifacts that could be used as décor in sophisticated homes and offices. With over 250 exceptionally talented artists and their creative works we were highly acclaimed in the Middle East and the western parts of the world – especially cities of the UK like London, Birmingham, Croydon, Leicester, Luton etc.
After traversing a long journey since then, in the year 1986 we incorporated Incoda TV HD and came up with the first ever optical fibre digital transmission network in India’s first underground mass transit system. The RnD Team of the company worked hard to materialize the project of developing close circuit digital television network at the platforms of Metro Railway. We are presently covering all the 23 metro stations in Kolkata and broadcasting HD version of Incoda TV HD programs.
In the year 1987, The Incoda came into the scene with a unique idea of ‘Branding a Train’. The Incoda promoted the first ever mobile art gallery in the underground railway with over 650 original paintings, exhibited in 8 trains in the Metro Railway. The mobile exhibition of paintings had been carried out under the direct supervision of maestros like Sri Ramananda Bandyopadhyay, Sri Ganesh Haloi, Late Shyamal Dutta Roy, Sri Pranabanendu Dasgupta. The then Railway minister, in one of his statements mentioned about us stating that a private firm in Calcutta (now Kolkata) has shown the Indian railways the avenues to earn substantial revenue from its unutilized infrastructure. Later The Incoda grew as one of the most reputable media company.

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