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Mission & Vision

Discovering the Mission, Vision and Values of The Incoda

Since our very inception as India’s one of the reputed media company, The Incoda has always been fully ethical and strategic
about business. Our values lie in our core competency in efficiently understanding specific market and offering state-of-the-art
advertisement and media solution to each of our clients. This eventually helped us achieve the leadership position
in the industry.


Incoda’s mission is to be a real driving force for good by the way of helping businesses to enhance their opportunities and enriching their business values. By covering all phases of advertisement solution, from offline to online media, we ensure that our customers’ requirements are successfully met. We implement the best and proven practices and make sure that every single customer of Incoda gets optimum Return .


Our aim is to become India’s most innovative and largest media company by yielding better ROI to advertisers than any other services providers in the industry. With a vision to take your business a step ahead with our media solution, we have come up with the High Definition (HD) ITV channel that is first of its kind in the entire eastern India. Alongside this we have set our focus on the quality of our programs to attract more eyeballs.